Fattoria San Pancrazio



On the rolling hills of Chianti, a few kilometers from Florence, in the Municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa, the San Pancrazio Company has its origins in 1248. The property, already then, included an elegant villa, vineyards and olive groves, and farmhouses.
The property belonged to the wealthy and prestigious Florentine family of Gianfigliazzi until their extinction. In the most recent 1978 the entire property is purchased by the MASTI family.
The important turning point in the management of the property , is when, Valentina Masti Priami, although coming from studies in law, with the help of her husband Simone Priami (leaving from studie in Economics and sudies of Menagement and Business Strategy achieved in France), decide to move to live in the property take care of the company personally.



SMALL TASTING – 30min – € 5pp + cost of bottles
chosen for the tasting
Tasting of our wines

MEDIUM TASTING – 1h – € 25pp
Guided tour of the historic cellars.
Tasting of 3 wines of our production:
1 Chianti, 1 Cuore Igt Toscana (Sirah e Pinot Nero) and one to choose between Lorenzo Igt Toscana (Cabernet Souvignon), Pancrazio Igt Toscana (Pinot Nero) e Tommaso Igt Toscana (Merlot)
In combination with the tasting:
bruschetta with our sublime Extra Virgin Olive Oil

GRAND TASTING – 1h 30min – € 35pp
Guided tour of the Villa and historic cellars
Tasting of 4 wines of our production:
1 Chianti, 1 Cuore Igt Toscana (Sirah e Pinot Nero) and two to choose between Lorenzo Igt Toscana (Cabernet Souvignon), Pancrazio Igt Toscana (Pinot Nero), Tommaso Igt Toscana (Merlot) and DivinVinSanto
In combination with the tasting:
bruschetta with our sublime Extra Virgin Olive Oil and platter of cold cut, cheeses and special bread




Fattoria San Pancrazio
Via Certaldese, 63/65 – San Pancrazio San Casciano V.P. (Fi)
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