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The company Il Cocco, owes its name to the leader “Ser Cocco Salimbeni” who in 1400 lived in the Rocca di Castiglione d’Orcia and with his militia controlled the Via Francigena of which Podere Il Cocco was the military outpost on the southern side of the Orcia Valley.

From when in 1955, grandfather Giovanni restored the agricultural activity for the family, until then entrusted to the management of the sharecroppers, the company returned to being a family business. He devoted himself to the reforestation of the fields, to the cultivation of the vineyard for family use, paving the way for new opportunities.

Organic farm since 2000 – The new generation.
Today the company is managed by Giacomo Bindi, a young agricultural entrepreneur, who, in addition to having developed even more the production of wine and oil, enhancing its biological and biodynamic aspect, has expanded and differentiated the tourist offer.

At Il Cocco we produce 4 different certified organic wines: Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, Rosato Bongiorno and Laila sparkling wine. The wines and all other products can be tasted at our company by appointment.

Our vineyards are located in the center of the production area of Brunello, about 3km from the historic center of Montalcino and enjoy a favorable exposure to the south-East that exposes them both to the winds of sirocco and tramontana facilitating a microclimate adverse to the proliferation of diseases harmful to the grapes.
The organic processing method uses only organic, bioavailable and natural elements. We have been organic since 2000 and the idea is not only not to use chemical and synthetic products, but to give life to our land, to help it and to make sure that it gives us something unique to work with.
Pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers with coconut are banned. Throughout the biological cycle, the vine plants are assisted with constancy and the grapes at the time of harvest are carefully selected.



From Monday to Saturday – min 2pers. max 20pers. with 48h notice

The tastings in the cellar are carried out by Giacomo, soul of the company Il Cocco who, with his constant work personally takes care of every aspect of winemaking.
The tasting includes the tasting of 3 wines:
Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino and Rosato Bongiorno, which will be combined with a selection of local meats and cheeses. During the tasting you will have an overview of organic farming, the vinification and aging of Brunello, up to the storage of the bottles.
My tasting will never be in a suit and tie, it is a tasting to discover the farm and our philosophy and your visit will be for us to get to know us and show you our love for this unique land.

You can combine lunch in our restaurant




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Il Cocco
Loc. Villa a Tolli – Montalcino (SI)
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