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Our tours are a wonderful journey into the world of Piombaia that will activate your five senses. You will begin with the view and immerse yourself in the breathtaking view of the vineyard: each tour in fact opens with the presentation of the characteristics of the vines, the blend, the growth process and the biodynamic method that has become our philosophy of life. You will meet our horses that roam freely in the vineyard and you will discover what is the fundamental role they play. Continuing with the touch between the rows, the vine leaves and the berries, you will touch the fruit of the earth from which everything is born, you will know the life cycle of the vineyard and how from the vine you get to wine. The tour continues with a visit to the cellar where you will discover the entire winemaking process and where our wines refine inside the barrels: by bringing your ear closer to the wood, your hearing will enjoythesoundofthewine restingplacidlywaitingtobebottled.Wewillthenmovetothe farmhouse where you can awaken your sense of smell and taste with a tasting of our products accompanied by a selection of appetizers.

Each tour is customizable, upon reservation, according to your requests and needs because we want each guest to feel at home: we can organize tasting lunches for small groups in which you can combine our wines with the delicious Tuscan cuisine of our restaurant that use organic and km0 products and vegetables from our biodynamic vegetable garden. You can also choose the snack or aperitif option. Whatever your choice, it will be an experience you will remember.

After visiting the vineyard and cellar, moving to our farm you will have the opportunity to choose between various tasting options.



By choosing BOOKING on the offers, a booking request will be sent to the winery, that will confirm your request. You will pay the wine tasting in the winery.

CLASSIC – € 15 pp
It’s THE tasting! That experience you must take home once you leave our beautiful Tuscany: you will taste our 3 most representative wines, including Brunello di Montalcino, and our organic EVO oil. All accompanied by local grissini bio .

A unique wine, Brunello di Montalcino, that takes sensations and moods of the different vintages in which Sangiovese grosso is harvested. Each vintage in fact delivery to Brunello di Montalcino characteristics different that during the process of vinification then end up in the bottles that you will taste during this tasting that is a journey through three great vintages that are 2016, 2017 and the 2018; you can catch the differences and enjoy a tasting that will remain in your heart. You will accompany the tastings with organic breadsticks locally produced. .

Our best-ofs: Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2008, Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2015 and Dono 2015. The most beautiful expressions of our wine making, you will taste two of our best vintages of Brunello and then the Dono, our selection, a little piece of heart that tells stories of family, of love, of the vineyard, of generations that are handed down. You will accompany the tastings of local grissini bio.

A tasting that becomes a different experience even for those who already know the world of Piombaia: our winemaker and producer will put you in front of 5 wines whose type and vintage have been hidden. A blind tasting that will leave you free to discover our wines, analyze them and recognize them.

SNACK – € 25 pp
The tasting that most represents the moment of wine tasting in Tuscany: our grandparents had a sayng: “Eating teaches drinking” and therefore 3 wines for tasting accompanied by a platter of bruschetta, pecorino cheese and artisan and local salami.

The perfect choice for those who, after visiting the vineyard and the cellar, want to venture on a trek in the Piombaia wood: we will give you a picnic basket containing a blanket, sandwiches with local artisan cheeses and salami, water, glasses, a bottle di Rosso di Montalcino and a map that will guide you along the path. A 1 km trek immersed in the woods that will put you back in touch with nature until you reach a panoramic point where you can spread out your blanket and enjoy the breathtaking view with a glass of Rosso di Montalcino in your hand. The tasting includes a deposit.

WINE O’CLOCK – € 80 pp
“Call us to find out when we will organize the next event!”

Think of a vineyard at nightfall, the sun slowly hides and everything around is painted with the magical colors of the sunset. You can enjoy this wonder of nature with your glass in your hand, while you will taste a selection of our best canapés accompanied by a bottle of Rosato, sitting on soft cushions among the rows that light up with a thousand lights and embrace you. No more words are needed. An experience that will remain in your heart and that you will continue to tell once you say goodbye to Piombaia.

COOKING CLASS – € 100 pp
Who has never wanted to learn all the secrets of Tuscan cuisine? By choosing the cooking course you can delight in the preparation of two dishes of our peasant tradition: panzanella and fresh pasta. You will cut the vegetables from our biodynamic garden, wet the silly bread, knead and roll out the dough just like a real chef. You will then taste the dishes prepared for lunch together with the tasting of two paired wines.

We remind you that each of our tastings can be personalized according to your needs upon notice



Loc. Crocina, Montalcino (SI)
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