Tuscany and its vines

know the vines to understand and appreciate the varieties of Tuscan wines

In Tuscany there are many indigenous varieties and as many varieties arrived over the centuries from the ancient trade routes

We report a list of the largest autochthonous vines. The most used undoubtedly is Sangiovese. Canaiolo, Colorino, Pugnitello, Foglia Tonda and Vermentino nero are often present in small percentages, rare are the vinifications alone. Trebbiano is often used for Vin Santo, vernaccia is the white of San Gimignano. Malvasia is often vinified in blends with Tuscan Trebbiano, to make dry and sweet white wines.Tuscany and its vines

List of the most important grape varieties from other regions of Italy and other countries, used for many years in Tuscany. Ansonica and Vermentino bianco are mainly found on the islands and on the coast. Ciliegiolo and Viogner are mainly used in Maremma, Alicante and Syrah are widespread throughout Tuscany. Cabernet Souvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc are used throughout Tuscany, especially in the area of Bolgheri and Val di Cornia.

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