San Giorgio a Lapi

CHIANTI – Strada di colle pinzuto 30 (SI)

Just 6 km from Siena, immersed in the poetic and permeating beauty of the Sienese countryside, the small church of San Giorgino has been placidly observing the vineyard and olive trees of the surrounding fields since 1109, which have been looked after by our family since 1977, where with love, tradition, dedication and innovative spirit we have produced wine and oil. We like to define our company as a harmoniously multifaceted reality that holds within it a myriad of souls. By fine-tuning each of the contrasting elements, like an orchestra, we create unique, recognizable, inviting and sincere products: symphonies of genuine flavours, rooted in the culture of the territory. This reality begins with our family: there are 8 of us and everyone contributes to the company with their own specializations, following the entire production process, from preparation in the vineyard to the last step of marketing.



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from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 14:30 – € 48pp
Lapi&Tour is a full immersion in the bucolic atmosphere of authentic Tuscany. We will take you on a walk through the vineyards and olive groves of our estate during which you will visit the small Church of San Giorgio, which has been peacefully observing our vineyards and olive trees since 1109, to then go to the cellars and find out how the our wine (vinification cellar and barrel aging and bottle aging). At the end of the walk, in the shade of the white mulberry tree, on the suggestive panoramic terrace, you can taste 3 glasses of wine born from the fruits of the San Giorgio vineyards, authentic Tuscan products: Platter of cold cuts, cheeses and honey, bruschetta and our EVO oil .

from Monday to Saturday from 15:00 to 19:00 – from € 25pp
Lapi&Tasting is a sensory experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in the typical flavors and aromas of the Tuscan hills. We offer you a tasting tour of the wines we produce accompanied by authentic products from the land of Siena. This tasting itinerary takes place on the suggestive panoramic terrace, overlooking the Chianti Classico hills, with a view of the Church of San Giorgio framed by the charm of the Crete Senesi. An experience that will allow you to savor the authenticity of the flavors of Tuscany in all its harmony: Platter of cold cuts, cheeses and honey, bruschetta and our EVO oil

from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 14:30 – € 38 for child
Lapi&Kids is a rural life journey in contact with nature, where your children will be accompanied to discover San Giorgio and the Dragon. Through various stages they will meet the farm animals, they will look for fossils left by the sea, they will discover the secrets of the Church of San Giorgio, the biodiversity that surrounds them and they will be busy with recreational workshops. At the end of the Tour, a picnic awaits them among the olive trees of the estate.


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San Giorgio a Lapi
Strada di colle pinzuto 30, Siena
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