Our story begins in the second half of the 19th century, when our forefather Giuseppe Tiberini was commissioned to lead the vineyards and the cellar of an important Montepulciano family, starting a path handed down to each subsequent generation until 1961 when Gino Tiberini bought Podere Le Caggiole from this noble family.

For 7 generations we have lived and worked in Montepulciano, which has the privilege of having lands, microclimates, history and culture of unparalleled possibilities.

With these convictions our family wanted to express the secrets of our wines, in a small territory of just 12 hectares, in Le Caggiole, where the cultivation of vines has been present since the time of the Roman Empire.

UA place where our work commitment is so important, totally addressed to the utmost respect and protection for its natural integrity and biological survival.

Only by respecting this purity, rationality and harmony that nature has given us in this small territory, could we succeed in having such an unrepeatable character in the wines of Podere Le Caggiole.



The visits must be booked at least one day in advance with the definitive number of participants (max 10 people).

Immerse yourself completely in our world.
In this experience you will be guided by a member of the Tiberini family who will make you experience the vineyard and the cellar, illustrating our history, our area and our company philosophy.
You can taste all our wines, “Cambio”, “Maturato”, “Poggiardello”, “Sabrèo”, “Podere le Caggiole”, “Vigneto Fossatone”, “Vigneto Campaccio”, “Virgulto” and “Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice”.
The tasting will be accompanied by tastings of local products

WINE LOVER – € 30pp
It is an experience suitable for wine lovers wishing to discover the secrets of our terroir and our production methods.
A member of the Tiberini family will guide you to discover our company, illustrating our history and our production philosophy.
You will be able to taste our wines “Sabrèo”, “Podere Le Caggiole” and a comparison will be made between our two Reserves of Vino Nobile, the Vigneto Fossatone and the Vigneto Campaccio. All accompanied by tastings of local products.

WINE RELAIS – € 20pp
It is an experience suitable even for the less experienced, where you can understand our company philosophy.
You will be followed by a member of the Tiberini family, who will show you our history, the production area and lead you inside our winemaking and aging cellars.
You can taste our “Cambio”, “Sabrèo” and “Podere Le Caggiole” wines accompanied by small samples of local products.

Live the daily life of the Tiberini.
Come with us to discover our vineyards and our cellars, a member of the family will introduce you to all the secrets of our land and you can enjoy a lunch with our family.
The menu consists of an appetizer and a first course, but can vary according to the customer’s needs.
The dishes will consist of typical Tuscan seasonal dishes accompanied by our wines “Cambio”, “Sabrèo” and “Podere le Caggiole”.

Complete visit of our company with lunch in the splendid location of our vineyards in the company of our family.
The menu consists of an appetizer, first, second and dessert, but can vary according to the customer’s needs.
The dishes will consist of typical Tuscan seasonal dishes, naturally accompanied by our wines.


 Obviously the above is indicative, as it will be our modular care all according to the specific interest of the guests.




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